Play that funky music, white boy

Geeks Unplugged!

An Acoustic Open Mic for Greater Boston's Dorkiest Professionals.

In cubicles, labs, enterprises and the IT trenches, from the c-suite to the ER, conference rooms to newsrooms, you’ll find geeks with more to offer than sexy brains. We're game developers who shred. Financial analysts who know baroque has nothing to do with a bad market. Engineers who breathe life into “Casey Jones,” infectious disease specialists with a killer version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” to share ... and it’s time to howl!

Geeks Unplugged is the acoustic open mic for Greater Boston’s dorkiest pros—and it’s a broad community. Tech, marketing, PR, healthcare, pharma, finance—whether you’re an IT admin, VC, journalist, CPA or MD—if you consider yourself geeky, this is your chance to show your talent or simply meet others who are just as obsessed with The X-Files.

We’ll have the PA, so just plug in or we’ll mic you. Soloist or group is fine, but sorry, no drums this time around. You’ll have roughly ten minutes to do your thing—3 song max. Folk, rock, blues, classical, acapella, all genres are welcome. If you want backup, drop a line to [email protected] and our music hosts, The Water Brothers, may be able to accompany you.

Signup begins at 7 pm, music starts at 8:30 pm.

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Geeks Unplugged is sponsored by LEWIS Global Communications